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Atlanta, GA

Lazer/Wulf is an instrumental metal trio, which sometimes includes vocals. No, let’s start over. It’s a funk group with thrash roots. Or a jazz trio with sludge issues. Whatever it is, it’s not the easiest thing to describe, which makes it that much easier to love. Just ask the band’s rabidly devoted following. To put it another way; imagine a giant trampoline rigged to explode. It’s fun for everybody, but likely to kill you at any moment.
We formed in Athens, GA, which is a place where every possible genre of music thrives, but it’s not just that. They all co-exist. Everyone’s a cross-over artist to varying degrees, because everyone knows each other, shares bills, passes notes. So it wasn’t enough for us that we were just a “metal band” in that community; we were encouraged to be bigger than that. It’s clear that whatever we’re willing to try, they’re willing to hear. And it works both ways; we were exposed to the most experimental versions of folk, rap, electronica, classical quartets, math-rock… so the rules just flew out the window. Except the golden rule, which is never to be predictable.

Circumstantially, it’s heavy as hell, and tends to unify audiences with how simply fun it all is, even as it toes the line between “challenging listen” and “utter alienation.”

Working on this album,it was clear how much bigger and darker we were trying to go, and what it meant for our lives. We were, however unconsciously, making the choice to try playing music full time, and to walk away from our loved ones. It’s not a hobbyist album; it took a lot of work and planning. So the album became about choice. The Beast of Left and Right is about standing in the center and choosing a direction, yes or no, black or white, and that there is no wrong choice if you choose honestly.

To communicate that idea, we made the entire album symmetrical; some songs are other songs backwards, others respond musically or lyrically to the song across from it. That’s what I mean by planning – we had to draw everything out and visualize the connections between songs. To that end, it was important that we in the band handle the album’s visuals as well, so we collaborated on all the photography, paintings, tarot cards and symbolism associated with the album. We poured ourselves into this album absolutely, from the ground up.

We’re excited to show people what we’ve been laboring over this year, even as it’s disarming to show off something so personal. But this is the choice we’ve made, and we’re full steam ahead. We’re grateful that so many people will have the chance to hear it outside of our home town, and that’s all we ask can for. It’s not a given that anyone will like it, or take with them the advice we’re giving or lessons we’ve learned. As long is it’s not predictable.

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