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Burnt Books Vinyl Finally HERE!! Crazy Bag Lady just arrived as well. Updates…

Hi all you heathens. We finally have the Burnt Books Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire vinyl available for sale. Go H E R E to purchase. Laura (Kylesa) hand screened all 300 covers and inserts and there are a few variations to choose from. Check them out! If you are wondering what the record sounds like, listen to them on our BANDCAMP page.

Additionally, we just received the CRAZY BAG LADY vinyl in the mail. 300 slabs of color. We’re putting those together this week. We are hand glueing the covers together and making 50 hand drawn editions by some of the band members, RF team, and the artist who did the cover for HUNKS. We will hand number all of them. The hand drawn ones will be numbers 1-50 and the hand glued ones will read 50-300. We’ll post some pics this week of us having an art n’ roll party in Laura’s back yard. Listen to HUNKS H E R E