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Caustic Casanova “Breaks” Vinyl Release Pre-Orders UP! Avail July 21

This is a PRE-ORDER for the fantastic record that is “Breaks” which will be officially released July 21, 2016. 300 pressed on color marbled vinyl. This is RF09.
Listen to it HERE!

A review from PLAYBACK:Stl :Hailing from Washington, D.C., Caustic Casanova has a lot going for them in the route of catchy-as-hell songs that maintain some fresh and inventive new ideas. Their new album Break has so much packed into it, I don’t even know where to begin.

If there’s anything I do know for sure, it’s that I have to commend them for their heavy and brilliant use of the bass guitar. It’s perfectly mixed with the guitars to the point that they cooperate beautifully together through the tracks, creating some amazing solos on both ends. As mentioned before, there’s so much packed into this album, specifically in the area of tone, it’s hard to pinpoint because of the high number of mixtures on the record, going all the way from psych rock to post punk, some heavy forms of metal, and even blues. It’s amazing to hear a band that can manage to pack all of these different influences within just a single album, and in an original manner.

The lyrical content, on the other hand, is a bit on the odd side; whether it’s the song titles or the lyrics, political flavors arise that make sense within their genre. The clean style of the vocals all three members lend to the songs sometimes gets a bit louder, more abrasive, yet still fits within the songs they’ve created.

If you want to listen to something with new and interesting ideas, I recommend checking this album out