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Some News! Updates!

The 10% discount codes are now available for all of our former subscribers. When you order a new subscription, a 10% discount will take place upon checkout. In order for this to work properly, you must use the same email address as the one you originally used when ordering the first subscription. We’ve got a few surprises up our collective sleeves regarding these subscriptions which we will announce soon.. it involves more records and exclusive content. Regarding the limited KYLESA t-shirt, we’ve hired the talented Seldon Hunt to design it. Check out his work at

The Lazer/Wulf records are now out of print but because they are in demand, we will press another run of 500. We should have them within a few months as long as the record plant doesn’t fuck us over for some Record Store Day major label takeover!

Wet Socks and Sierra are currently on tour so be sure to catch them! You can see their dates in the TOUR section of this site or various places on the internets.

We’re sending the new Burnt Books to the CD plant right now and expect a fast turnaround. Their new album, “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” is set to destroy you in a dark way. Phillip recorded it at the Ass-Stomping Jam Room, Laura did the art and layout and Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, Deathreat) mastered the beast at Audiosiege. Burnt Books will tour this spring to support the album.